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As rare as a hen's teeth, you'd almost never find anyone with an eccentric wheel. The pain-staking handcrafted off-centred hub allows you to truly 'gallop' as you cycle.


We're only producing 4 of these each year so don't hold your breath!

Eccentric Wheel For Sale

  • With each custom spoke made to precision to accomodate an off-centre hub, you will own a remarkable piece of craftmanship. It's not that your average wheelbuilder can't do it, they just won't do it.


    The bicycle will not ride normally and expect it to bounce up and down as you cycle.


    This will be made typically in a 20" wheel to accomodate children and adults as riders.

  • We will deliver only the eccentric rear wheel to save shipping costs.

    The rear wheel can be fitted to any frame meant for a 20" wheel.

    Global shipping charges are fixed at S$150 anywhere in the world and will reach you in 3-4 weeks upon dispatch.


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